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Czech pack - krabice

CZECH PACK gummed tapes. They are made of solid paper for safe and fast sealing of cardboard boxes. They are also reinforced with threads, as required - and they hold fast!

CZECH PACK gummed tapes are fitted with a thick layer of adhesive. They can be effortlessly wetted and processed, both automatically and manually, using commonly available cardboard box closing devices and machines.

CZECH PACK gummed tapes are customer - friendly. Packages wrapped using the gummed tape can be opened easily without the risk of damaging their contents.

CZECH PACK gummed tapes are economical; the costs for the actual spools are low. When comparing a gummed tape spool`s price directly to the same amount of a self-adhesive tape the more advantageous price is definitely that of the gummed tape.

CZECH PACK gummed tapes are environmentally friendly. Raw materials used for the gummed tapes: the paper is made from wood and the starch adhesive from potatoes, both of which are natural products that can be recycled without any problems.

CZECH PACK gummed tapes fitted with a water-activated sticky film possess the following features:
they are opened easily, no damage to cardboard box packages are caused, simple and clean application, dust-proof seal, possibility of re-using the box, good properties with reduced quality of the boxes as well, attractive prices. All of these features can be applied only when an optimum gummed tape is selected and correctly used for a specific purpose.


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